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Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Over the years I have seen people reaching out to me for guidance. It has been my long standing dream to help the youth of this country to be better Bharatiyas… to inform them, educate them and empower them!

I have given up a successful and lucrative career as a TV Journalist for a renowned National Television Channel to pursue that dream.

I want to empower a generation of young Indians to achieve their goals of making Bharata Great Again. Countries around the world are still benefiting from the ancient wealth of India. No, I’m not talking about gold and gems… but knowledge. Imagine if we channelise our energy to regain that wealth?

I want to share the knowledge that I have gained by speaking to some of the greatest minds from around the world with you. So that together we can build a better Bharata.

Mr. Frank Rausan Pereira